Great Tips on Removing Stains from Your Valued Carpets or Upholstery. Most people value cleanliness and will try their level best to keep their homes and all the contents therein spotlessly clean. But regardless of all these concerted efforts at keeping things clean,you always find that there is a stain on your valued carpet that you just hate seeing. The following cleaning secrets will enable you to keep your carpets as clean as you want. Dab, don’t rub the stains. Use a clean piece of cloth,a paper towel or a clean sponge soaked in an effective cleaning solution to exert some pressure on the affected area. You can surprisingly use your shaving cream to clean your carpet. All you have to do is apply some cream on the stained area and let it remain there for half an hour or so. A white piece of dry cloth is then used to blot out the stain from the carpet,after the applied cream is set. Finish the process by spraying a mixture of water and vinegar in equal measure on the area and eventually wipe away the spray liquid using a piece of cloth.
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Sometimes chewing gum will somewhat find its way on your carpet or upholstery. Worry not for there is a solution for you. Walk to your freezer and take a few pieces of ice which you then place on the chewing gum. Wait for about half a minute and then using a spoon or some other such object,try lifting the dried,freezed gum up,then cut the gum’s threads carefully so that only a very small part of the carpet is removed.
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Heat up your iron box,place a piece of cloth(must be white in color)to its lower smooth side and just let the wax melt on to the cloth. You can use Hydrogen Peroxide to remove the easily noticeable red blood stains on your carpet. Use water mixed with a detergent to make blood that has dried up loosen a bit. Use something to scrap off the blood away from the carpet. After you are through with the scrapping,pour some hydrogen peroxide onto the remaining stain and then use some dry paper towels to blot away the foam that results when the peroxide comes into contact with blood. A cleaning machine can be used to steam clean your carpet under pressure as regularly as after every months to keep it looking new and fresh. You may need to visit your local dealer for a good deal on a cleaning machine. These are not the only ways or secrets to deal with ugly looking stains on your carpets or upholstery,but they will sure help you keep them looking as good as new.