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Do you like the vintage lamps?

The vintage style has returned in a great ways to our live. We now see it in the furniture, in the colors and now can also see it in the lighting decoration. In general, if you love old objects and especially those that bring memories of other times, then vintage style is for you!

The vintage decoration is actually a romantic decoration style, where you can use floral elements as well as pale colors throughout your home. The iron material plays a leading role and mainly brushed copper, while there are no missing wooden elements combined with glass and …


Eco- friendly interior design

Over the last years, a pretty big number of people have become ecologically conscious. The tendency to raise awareness about environmental and natural resources protection mitigates our need for overspending and our virtual needs.

Aesthetics and interior decoration could not be part of evolution. The term eco-friendly or environmentally friendly appeared dynamically in the 20th century, and apart from the architecture of the buildings, it also significantly affects the interior decoration. House decoration can always be made environmentally friendly by simple things. The reduction of pollutants and the unnecessary consumption of all kinds of energy sources are the two main …


Tackling Plumbing Clogs: When to Rage a Battle or Call the Professionals

Slow drains around the household will frustrate any resident. From soap residue to hair, every substance seems to attach to your household pipes. Get proactive about your slow drain by trying a few DIY solutions. Also consider when you should call the professionals. There’s a fine line between simple and complex repairs.

Try Boiling Water

One of the simplest techniques to unclog your drain is using boiling water. Bring a pot of water to a boil on your stove. Carefully pour it into the troublesome drain. If there’s a minor obstruction, the boiling water will usually break it down so …