Over the last years, a pretty big number of people have become ecologically conscious. The tendency to raise awareness about environmental and natural resources protection mitigates our need for overspending and our virtual needs.

Aesthetics and interior decoration could not be part of evolution. The term eco-friendly or environmentally friendly appeared dynamically in the 20th century, and apart from the architecture of the buildings, it also significantly affects the interior decoration. House decoration can always be made environmentally friendly by simple things. The reduction of pollutants and the unnecessary consumption of all kinds of energy sources are the two main points that you must always pay attention to.

Natural materials and … go green!

Natural materials and neutral nuances are the trend in interior design, which is getting more and more supporters, whether they belong to the “Go Green” movement or not. Simple lines, simple design and materials such as raw or recyclable wood, cork, mats, indoor plants, promote the concept of relaxation. They transform the space with a sense of intimacy and warmth. Along with the balance, this modern bohemian chic style favors the mix and match decoration, giving the space a distinctive tone of diversity. You can see beautiful wall art sculptures combined with eco-friendly furniture in a great way.

Elements that we could choose to decorate our space and give a terrestrial and alternative aesthetics are the rugs of straw, jute and burlap that give an exotic note. Bamboo wood is also an excellent choice, from which we can create, even on our own, very special and interesting decorations. Raw or recycled wood is a raw material for very beautiful furniture that enhances warmth and intimacy. A very special choice is also the decorative elements of aged wood.

Think twice before go shopping

There are a lot of times that the tempting price of an item makes us ignorant of how this market can cost us more expensive than at the moment we think. You should always think about it for everything in the house. Instead of deciding to go and buy stuff you practically do not need, try in simple ways to change your already existing furniture that you already know that they last in time. With ecologically wood-like colors, that can be easily found on the market,  you can completely change the way your furniture look and make it look like brand new again. You can do the same with the fabrics Рupholstery in your furniture. A proper renovation can make whatever you have in your house look really beautiful again. By underestimating the value of your old ornaments you may lose a lot of precious stuff. Conversely, a careful approach to things, can give us a lot of benefits. Even a humble jam jar can, can become a great decoration item for your living room, terrace or bedside table, with two simple moves.

Look for clever ways to change the interior decoration of your house

Peacock chairs or rattan chairs can create an atmosphere of a different era where the bonding of nature and raw materials is direct and creative. Our ecological aesthetics greatly signify indoor plants like philodendra, fern, lust, orchid and other ones, that renew the atmosphere of our home while offering peace and color. The final touch to our interior decoration can come from the white color that we can paint the walls as well as the cork lining as it is a highly durable material that can be placed in any room of our home.

The only thing we always need to think of is that creating our own environment can equally be pretty and eco-friendly at the same time. We just need to find the right way.